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Children In Need

It's Children in Need day! I will no doubt watch tonight, cry, make a donation, like thousands, maybe millions of others around the country. But my thoughts will, at least in part, be somewhere else.

Whenever I watch Children in Need, what strikes me about the short films is that the children that are featured in them are most often in need because of an illness, a disability, a bereavement or because they are young carers. These children are, undoubtedly, in need, and I have no problem with their stories being featured.

However, the phrase 'child in need' also means something a bit different to me. Several 'children in need' have passed through the doors of my home since I have been fostering. A couple of them have stayed here forever. They were in need because of abuse and neglect, compounded by poverty, alcohol and drug abuse.

I have volunteered for an organisation that received money from Children in Need to work with children on the edge, in poverty, with pare…

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