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National Adoption Week: Final Thoughts

I hadn't intended to blog today. My NAW17 posts were planned for a 'working week' only! But today has been such an amalgam of all things adoption that I couldn't leave it.

Elton John sang enthusiastically about 'The Circle of Life' as Rafiki held up baby Simba in The Lion King. It's a memorable image. In adoption, the circle of life can look rather like a drunk spider drew it with a pen in each hand (foot?).

The swirly, multi-weave doodle of life, maybe.

Today we were invited to the Christening of the little sister of adorable Baby Girl who I fostered several years ago now. It was our second visit to that particular Catholic church; we had been to BG's Christening there almost exactly two years ago.

I sat and watched the kids running around the dance floor after the ceremony. They were kicking balloons, squealing and laughing and high on sweets and freedom. Baby Girl was amongst them, although most definitely not a baby. Her fine, barely-there hair is n…

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