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This week I received a transition plan for Squidge. In a few weeks he will leave here and go to live with his daddy and that will be the end of his time with me, and the end of my time as a foster carer.

It's over a year now since I first thought my fostering days may be over. At the time I was disillusioned, tired and felt let down. A combination of factors meant that I did end up accepting one more placement and I'm glad I did. Glad because, despite the pressure of being a single, working mum to three young children plus all the extra fun involved in the duties of a foster carer, Squidge has been an absolute delight and brought us much love and joy.

Glad also because, in my seven years of fostering, I have never had a child I've cared for successfully returned to a birth parent. We are all very optimistic about the plan for Squidge's future, and I'm happy to be ending my time as a foster carer on a moment of joy.

Forgive me if, in the grip of an 'end of an er…

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